General settings

Choose the background color around your website and an optionnal background image. The content box is always white.


Choose the width of your website and each columns inside the content box.

Header (Menu and Logo)

Display easily your website title and a footer title


35 different fonts are available (safe and Google fonts) with a preview in the drop down list.


Not enough choice ! you can easily paste the code of the Google font of your choice in the Custom field. More of 600 fonts available !

Content box

Choose the color, font family, font size for your titles and text.

Special button for your address and contact details

You can add a button in the Header (upper right corner) to display easily your address and others details in all your pages.

Social icons

Add the complete url (with http:// ) of your social links.

Block image with text

Here, you can modify the font of the H2 title and the font size of the text.