Supported devices

This template supports a handful of media queries in a single file to help make your projects more appropriate on different devices and screen resolutions. You can find all the code in "css/media-queries.css"

Here's what's included by default :

LabelLayout widthCharacteristics
Large screen 1400px and up Left column is large (300px)
Default 980px and up Standard display. Left column is normal (260px)
Portrait tablets 768px and above Left column is thin (200px). Right and Users modules inline. Header in all the width.
Phones and little tablets 767px and below Left column inline : logo centered and single button for the main menu.

You can change easily these settings in Template manager (section "Responsive").

/* Portrait tablet to landscape and desktop */
/* Phone and little tablet */

Responsive utility classes

For faster mobile-friendly development, use these utility classes for showing and hiding content by device. Below is a table of the available classes and their effect on a given media query layout (labeled by device).

ClassPhones 767px and belowTablets 979px to 768pxDesktops Default
visible-phone Visible
visible-tablet Visible
visible-desktop Visible
hidden-phone Visible Visible
hidden-tablet Visible Visible
hidden-desktop Visible Visible

When to use

Use for each Joomla module and avoid creating entirely different versions of the same site. Instead, use them to complement each device's presentation.

How to use

You must add the class in Module class suffix of your module.

Responsive utilities test case

Resize your browser or load on different devices to test the above classes.

Visible on...

Green checkmarks indicate that class is visible in your current viewport.

  • Phone✔ Phone
  • Tablet✔ Tablet
  • Desktop✔ Desktop

Hidden on...

Here, green checkmarks indicate that class is hidden in your current viewport.

  • Phone✔ Phone
  • Tablet✔ Tablet
  • Desktop✔ Desktop