Template Full screen 10

Template Full screen 10
6,00 € (5,00 € excl VAT) each

This old template is no no longer maintained. But but many people want it. That's the reason of this very low price.

600+ Google fonts

I include a selection of 30 Google fonts in Template manager with a previsualitation of each of them. Not enough ! you can paste the code of the font of your choice : more of 600 fonts available.

Font Awesome 4

Font Awesome allows you to add vector icons from a library of over 360 to any part of your joomla template including Articles, Article titles, Menu items and Module titles

New typography

I offer a large choice of menus, lists and tables to according with all your needs.

Bootstrap 3

This template is build with Bootstrap 3

Technical data

The package include the template, the full screen slideshow, a video module and a google map module - compatible with Joomla 2.5 / 3.X

    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Clean pure CSS Design
    • Fully compatible Firefox 3+, IE8+, Chrome and mobile devices
    • Lightweight and fast-loading
    • Responsive design (change the size of your browser to see the difference - don't work with IE8-). You can disable this option.
    • Build with Bootstrap 3
    • Include Font Awesome 4
    • CSS3 animation
    • 1, 2 or 3 columns layout
    • 19 module positions
    • Choose the color and transparency of Header, Content box and Footer
    • Set the width (px or %) and the position of the Content box (left side, centered or right side)
    • Set the color of the main menu, active link, article title H1 and H2
    • 600+ Google fonts available for all these items
    • Display or not your social links
    • Put the tracking code of Google analytics in Template manager.
    • Display or not the Scroll to top button and the Full screen button
    • Typography (list, header module, quotation, …)
    • Include a manual to explain the module positions and typography.

    Test the mobile version here

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