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Joomla 3.9.22 is available

This is a new release for the 3.x series of Joomla
Wait a few test returns before an update to 3.9.22
no error feedback on this update
check the htaccess file and add manualy some lines around line 19 (see pdf)

The new Joomspirit Team : Presentation

About us

We, the new Team Joomspirit, actually 1  people : Jean-Paul

  • Jean-Paul is a SEO specialist, and he's also very interested in web development. He runs a dedicated server, which hosts most of his customers' websites. He's a OVH partner, he's interested in this company's products improvement and extension.

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How to load Google font directly from your server ?

I explained the procedure in my facebook page. Read the post here.

Template Full screen 6 - January 2013

I am proud to introduce the new Full screen template.

template full screen joomla
  • Responsive Design

    A single design for all devices : mobiles, laptop, desktop ... This design should automatically adjust with your screen resolution.

  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 template : better for your SEO and ready for the future.
    CSS3 features : a clean code and a website easy to customize.

  • Bootstrap typography and animations

    This template is fully compatible with Bootstrap and include this framework.