General settings


The width of the slideshow is always the maximum width available in your module position. By default, the height is fluid and the image is never cropped.

Sometimes, it's better to choose the height of your slideshow. With this module, you can fixed the height in % of the viewport or in pixels. It's a powerful option. In this demo, I choose a height = 60% of the viewport. If you want a full screen slideshow, you can choose 100% .... it's very simple.

And you can change this settings for Tablets and for Phones. I recommend you to choose an height fluid for Phones.

Slideshow theme

There are a lot of options to customize the slideshow. You can active the next/previous buttons and the Dots navigation and choose when these butons will be hidden.


In this section, you can change the options for your captions. There are 9 CSS animations for the captions. That will be the default parameters for all your captions.

And you can choose if you want display your captions under the slideshow in small screen and/or hide all the text.


You can display 22 images. For each of them, you can change a lot of parameters for the caption.