This responsive slideshow propose a lot of useful options :

  • You can display a caption above each images but in a small screen, the result isn't good. To improve that, I added an option to display the caption under the slideshow or if you prefer, you can hide all the text.
  • With a standard responsive slideshow, it's not possible to fixed the height. With this one, you can in % of the viewport (60% in this demo) or in pxels. And you can change your choice for Tablets and Phones !

Main features :

  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.X
  • Valid HTML5 W3C
  • Supported in modern browsers (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Fully responsive : resize your browser to make a test
  • Height fluid or fixed (in % of viewport or in pixels)
  • Lot of options for your captions : 9 animations, 9 positions, change the font size, font, color, background, ...
    Hide the text in small screen and / or move the text under the slideshow
  • Horizontal/vertical slide and fade animations
  • Animations on scroll
  • Kenburn effect (zoom)
  • Support gif, jpg and png files
  • You can display several instance of the slideshow on the same page
  • Easy customizable

This module is free. You can use it for personnal or commercial purpose (licence GPL v2).