Update for Joomla 3.2

With the version Joomla 3.2, there is a problem to see options in Template manager. And there's a critical problem with Blog pages and responsive templates.

To solved that, I upgrade all the templates for Joomla 3.X and the modules too (JS Flexslider, Social presence, Supersized)
The new packages are available on your account.

How to download again the package ?

  • Click on "your account"
  • Enter your login and password
  • Click on "orders" and choose your order number
  • the download link is in this page

How to upgrade your template ?

There are 2 ways :

  • Install directly the new version in Template manager to overwrite the previous version. It's simple but you lost yours modifications
  • With your FTP software, replace the file "templatedetails.xml", the folder "html/com_content" and add the new CSS file "css/admin.css"