How to use - FAQ

To get started download and unzip the package first.

You have 2 folders inside : Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 with the according version of the plugin in each of them.

Install the plugin via your joomla installer. Be patient because there's 680 icons inside. Then modify the parameters in the plugin manager. Add your social media profile URLs.

Warning : you must always enter the complete url with http://


Note if you display Google +1 button

The size of this buton is fixed by the Google script. It depends of the available space but the smallest button is too big if you choose the option "size very small" or "small" of this plugin. So, the background of the others icons will be enlarge.

How to disable the plugin on specific pages ?

Disable the plugin in the pages listed only (one path per line).

Examples :

/downloads will match that page only
*/product will match all pages containing /product
/ will match the home page only

How can I added a custom icon ?

I recommend you to choose an icon with a size of 40 * 40 pixels. Then , add this icon in the folder "plugins/system/social_presence/icons/black/" of your Joomla website (not another color theme).

Your new icon is now available in the theme "black" of the plugin.

When I click on the icon, I obtain a "404 not found" error page.

You must enter the complete url of your social link : don't forget http://

Browser compatibility

I've tested this plugin on Firefox, IE7+, Chrome and Safari

I've used only CSS in this plugin. None javascript code. But some CSS3 properties aren't supported by IE8 and IE7. There's no shadow and no rounded corners with IE8. And I've disabled the opacity with IE7 (problem with png transparent).


This plugin is free with the licence GNU General Public License


To continue to offer affordable prices, I decided to include a link not visible in the plugin in order to increase attendance of the JoomSpirit website.

This does not affect your site, but if you want remove this link, thank you to contact me at: . You can make a donation here.